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The Holiday Balloon Gram

This package comes with the Grinch &        Patches the Elf as a comedic duo bringing

festive holiday cheer right to your front door.

It's a Holiday Performance with Grinchy music

& sound performed with a cute comedic dance.



      • 2 Holiday Characters

      • 5-15 minute Drop By Visit 

      • Your choice of 1 Sealed Bag of 20 Holiday

         twisted Balloon Art pieces or

         a Bouquet of 6 Helium Balloons.       

      • Candy Canes

      • Holiday Cheerful Music

      • Special Holiday Message 

      • Photo Op


​* Payment for Telegrams & Deliveries are upfront. If you wish to pay your performer a gratuity, it will be available on your invoice to do so at time of payment. * ALL Grams MUST BE PAID IN FULL 24 hours prior to performance. ALL PAYMENTS made become  non-refundable upon receipt. Payments made in full are good for 6 months should you need to reschedule with given notice within 24hours of the scheduled confirmed agreed date per the signed service agreement. ***Upon payment of your non-refundable payment in full, your booking date & time will be confirmed by the office with a confirmation text. Should you not be able to make your confirmed appointment time without a prior 24 hour notice to reschedule, we reserve the right to keep the fee as a non-refundable cancellation fee.*** 



This package comes with the

Easter Bunny & his Bunny Helper to bring Easter cheer right to your front door. 



      • 1 Easter Bunny & Bunny Helper

      • 5-15 minute Drop By Visit 

      • Will deliver YOUR special basket upon request.   

      • Cheerful Easter Bunny Music  

      • Photo Op

$100. initial 15 minute visit 

 ($150 1st hr / $75 each additional hour)



      • 1 Professional Performer 

      • 5-15 minute Drop By Visit 

      • 1 song or special poetic message

      • Special Message Delivered on a Card at end 

      • 6 Helium Balloon Bouquet

      • Photo Op



This package comes with the

GRINCH & his Cheery Elf "Patches" to bring Holiday cheer right to your party. 



      • 1 GRINCH & 1 Patches The Elf

      • Walk Around with Grinchy Holiday Cheer

         for your Party or Special Event   

      • Cheerful Holiday Music (optional)  

      • Photo Ops & Guest Interactions

 ($150 1st hr / $100 each additional hour)


Patches The Elf w/Balloon Twisting

She will also provide Holiday Balloon Animals

& candy canes for your guests  

Add $50p/hour

    The Singing Tele-Gram


      • 1 Professional Performer

      • 5-15 minute Drop By Visit 

      • 1 song or special poetic message

      • Special Message Delivered on a Card at end 

      • Photo Op