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Well I’m most commonly known around town as just the “Face Painter, the Paint Lady, or the Pink Paint Lady." I think I love the paint lady best...Lol. However, I do so much more than just paint faces or even body art and balloons. I am an artist. I am educated as an artist and have worked as a professional graphic designer for several large corporations for many years. I am also theatrically & camera trained to work professionally in the entertainment industry. I have done that since I was 18. I’ve also been trained and have worked as a professional model and makeup artist. I've worn a few hats and had the luck to work with some amazing artists, performers, and directors in my lifetime. Movies was going to be my big thing, but I quickly learned that the long hours and little amounts of sleep wasn't my "thing." So I moved onto other creative avenues to find my path.

I might be a little late to the party, but working with kids and families seems to be my happy place... art being currently my main focus. Life is too short to not be happy. I have a lot I want to share with people. I found that my path is making others happy which in turn gives me the greatest joy I have ever known. Creating lasting memories and being a part of that is such a blessing. I always give 110% to every person, big or small, that I meet. That is what I want to give when I present a commissioned piece as well. When you buy a piece of art from me, your literally buying a piece of my heart which will forever be engraved in every brush stroke or illustration I create for you.

People always ask me, "So, did you go to school for this?? Or are you just naturally talented?" Well yes, I went to school but I went to art school and yes I guess I get my skills from my favorite person in the whole world (besides my son)...My grandmother (God bless her sweet creative soul).  She was a very well-known fine artist in Texas. She painted on canvas and worked with oils. Later on she progressed to other creative projects. I do believe I carry her spirit with me when ever I'm working.  I do have a few other family members who are also amazing artists or in the entertainment industry. So I guess you could say it’s really just in my blood. However, I am constantly learning and growing. I am constantly training when I'm not performing in the field. I am either reading, studying, or learning from other artists in the industry to hone and perfect my skills. I gotta keep up because there is always someone better coming along right behind you! It's just a fact, so I just roll with it. I never stop training, learning, and growing.

Is this my full-time job? Yes! This is what I do full time. Art is my life. I have throughout my life worked always multiple jobs at the same time. It’s hard to survive as a creative artist on just one job alone unless you hit it BIG or hit the lottery. LOL. Ya know I have learned the best way to hit the lottery is goals, hard work, perseverance... and sweat! That will bring you a life long lottery...with the education, knowledge and background to support it when it finally rolls in. Although, winning the lottery would still be fun joke there. :)

So I do offer multiple types of services. If you need some custom commissioned work done, please check out my portfolio. I will give you a fair quote. This is how I feed my family. I don’t work for free. I do pride myself on offering excellent customer service and making people happy. So I will go above and beyond to provide you with excellent quality services to make sure that you’re happy with the completed piece or what ever your project might be. ♥♥♥